The Tamba team has developed a unique coding style over many iterations, that permeates all our designs. Specifically extremely efficient code, that requires very few gates with narrow buses, and runs at very fast clock speeds. In many cases our customers find it hard to believe that the code can run as fast as it does in a particular FPGA or ASIC implementation, until they see it for themselves.  Furthermore, we have developed a universal single code base so delivery and support are highly simplified.

Tamba’s Universal Communication Solutions are based on an extensively pipelined and unified architecture. The extensively pipelined architecture allows for the same IP Core to be targeted to an FPGA, ASSP, or ASIC with corresponding reductions in latency, power, and size. The pipelined architecture also enables migration of the proven IP Cores to the next generation process nodes with very little effort and the commensurate reductions in latency, power, and size.

The Unified Architecture enables the customization of the same IP Core to speeds from 1 Gbps to 1,000 Gbps. Thus, one common high-quality code-base can be targeted for implementations across Data Speeds, Process Nodes, and Platforms. The Unified Architecture and System Independent Interfaces allow for easy integration, enhancement, and maintenance of Tamba IP Solutions.

Key technology innovations used in Tamba Communication Solutions are:

  1. Universal Communication IP Cores with Six Degrees of Freedom
      • Port across Speed, Process, and Platform
      • Optimize for Latency, Size, and Power
  2. Extensively Pipelined Architecture
      • Add or drop retiming/pipeline stages with higher or lower performance processes.
      • Minimize Latency, Power, and Size for ASIC or FPGA Implementations
  3. Unified Architecture
      • One Unified Architecture for Ethernet and Interlaken Communication Solutions with Speeds Ranging from 1Gbps to 600 Gbps
      • One Common High-Quality Code-base for Implementations across Speed, Process, and Platforms
      • Extremely Easy to Integrate, Enhance and Maintain Ethernet or Interlaken IP Cores
      • Minimize Design Verification, Validation, and Integration Costs
      • Minimum R&D Operating Expenses
  4. System Independent Interfaces
      • Memory-based Asynchronous Interface facilitates easy integration with any kind of system
      • Independent System, MAC and SERDES Clock Domains
  5. Auto-Bridging
      • Automatic Conversion of in-coming data in one format into another
      • Tamba’s Unified Architecture and System Independent Interface facilitate Auto-Bridging