Ethernet and Interlaken IP

Tamba offers a family of Low Latency, Low Power, and Compact Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for popular communication protocols. The highly-flexible, universal IP Cores can be easily customized for different data speeds, process technologies, and implementation platforms with corresponding reductions in latency, power, and logic size. The family includes IP Cores for chip-to-chip, backplane, and system-to-system interconnects.

The primary benefits of Tamba’s Universal Communication IP Cores are:

  1. Industry’s Lowest Latency
  2. Lowest Power Consumption
  3. Smallest Logic Size
  4. Fastest Data Speeds
  5. Process Node Portable with reductions in Latency, Power, and Size
  6. Platform Portable with reductions in Latency, Power, and Size
  7. ASIC-like high-speed in the latest generation FPGAs
  8. Easy integration with current designs
  9. ASIC-like high quality

Tamba’s Superfast IP Cores are developed and verified using a rigorous ASIC-quality system design methodology. The Tamba IP Cores come with all components necessary for seamless system integration. They are ideal for implementation in all three platforms – ASICs, ASSPs, and FPGAs.